Can having a favorite class help students succeed?


Catherine Allen

Shayda Moezzi, 11, figures out a physics problem in her AP physics class.

Most of the time students have at least one class they enjoy going to, or believe they are better at. Having a class that is fun or enjoyable make students’ experiences considerably better. Umbrella subjects such as science, mathematics and English can open doorways to finding a more specific field in the subjects such as psychology, economics and physics.

“Having a favorite class can improve someone’s school experience,” freshman Hana Welch said. “It gives you a little more of a reason to go to school so you can enjoy that particular class.”

Classes are the most significant part of education. Some students get stressed with school work or tests, and having a class that one likes can help relieve that built-up stress. This allows the students to look forward to their education on and off campus. Also, if students are looking forward to a certain class, they will work hard and show up to the classes leading up to it.

“My favorite class is psychology because I understand it easily,” senior Spencer Santillian said. “Also I can relate to the subject as I will use it in everyday encounters with people; I use it at work to psychologically make them want what I’m selling them.”

While the variety of favorite classes is wide, some students find their happy place when in the English department. English is the base for other subjects such as journalism, movie scripting and many others. Mathematics is also a gateway to a career in physics, construction and more. Also, all of these can be turned into a career in teaching the subject one enjoys.  

“My favorite category is English,” Welch said. “I like english because we get to read books and write and go into depth about things. The best part about english would be the students, and getting to work with people in teams, getting to do presentations together and being able to discuss things.”

Science is also one of the largest bases for students to find a career path in. Science can open up pathways to being a doctor, studying chemistry or learning about new species.

“I think having a favorite class can help students succeed because the student can find an interest in and outside of the classroom,” Santillian said. “Thinking about their favorite class can get them ahead, and they will enjoy studying for the class.”