Q&A: Nicole Less


Stella Muehlhausen, Reporter

Every year, KUSI holds a battle of the fans, which is a competition between student sections from different high schools in Southern California. This year, the competition is coming up, and senior Nicole Less, in ASB, gives us more information about what to expect.

Lancer Link: What does ASB have planned for the upcoming battle of the fans?

Nicole Less: ASB takes battle of the bands very seriously since we won in the past. We plan to bring as much spirit out as possible with planned halftime shows and our loud crowd leaders going full out, hyping up the energy.

LL: How do you feel going into this competition?

NL: I personally feel really good going in this competition. I know Carlsbad High is a really special place and no matter what the judges say I truly believe we have the best student section.

LL: How is this competition going to be different from past ones?

NL: This competition is different than past competitions because we have been finalists where sometimes it’s just one school that is picked, but in this one there are multiple rounds.

LL: What are you most excited for going into this competition?

NL: I’m most excited to see everyone else get so excited and have such a big turn out to be able to support our basketball team. Since were still kind of in the beginning of the season if we start off strong with this game I think it will continue through the rest of the season.

LL: Why should students participate in battle of the fans?

NL: Students should come participate because this is a really big deal in Southern California and besides the competition aspect, attending sporting events is just overall a super fun experience and really brings the school together.