Harper family takes to the slopes


Courtesy of Devin Harper

Sophomore Devin Harper snowboards with her family. Harper and her family watch the X Games every year.

Sophomore Devin Harper and her family do not partake in the usual winter activities, but bring their interest to the X Games instead. The Harper’s interest in winter sports has impacted Devin’s typical winter experiences compared to her fellow classmates. Her exposure to these winter sporting events and community has allowed Devin the opportunity to improve her snowboarding skills and spend time with her family. Every year, the Harper’s attend the annual extreme sporting events hosted by ESPN.

“We usually go to the X Games for 2 weeks,” Harper said. “My favorite part is watching the snowboarding and snowmobile competitions.”

Sophomore Kallie White is a close family friend of the Harpers and has had the opportunity to attend one of these events with the family. The X Games proved to be an exciting winter activity due to the unlimited amount of fresh powder and fun.

“You ski all day and at nights you watch events,” White said. “It’s very cold because it’s snowing but it’s very fun to watch. It’s really inspiring to watch the athletes. They train all day and they work hard; I love watching them perform. I had a great time going to the X games with Devin and her family. It was an unforgettable experience.”

The Harper family is able to attend this special event thanks to their parents past accomplishments and dedication.

“My mom competed in snowboard competitions and my dad was a pro snowboarder,” Harper said. “He started his skateboarding career as his snowboarding career came to a close. He won the World Snowboard Halfpipe Championships when he was 16.”

Mr. Harper has continued his career and involvement in this industry through his current job. Although he is not competing, Mr. Harper plays a huge role in the ongoing of events throughout the world. Devin is humbled to be given the opportunity for these unique experiences.

“My dad builds and designs all the courses. He invites all the athletes to compete in snowboarding, skiing and snowmobile competitions.”

— Devin Harper

Throughout the years, Devin has grown a love for attending this annual event for it has become a family tradition and she gets to see many of her close family-friends.

“I love going to the X Games because I get to see a lot of friends that I don’t get to see the rest of the year along with a lot of people in the industry,” Harper said. “It’s a cool time but it’s also very hectic.”

After spending time with friends, watching the events and having fun on the slopes, Devin can agree that it’s an overall unforgettable experience.

“It’s really inspiring to watch them compete,” Harper said. “They are amazing athletes and they are so talented at what they do.”