Grayson Emery leads the Spanish Club


Rubie Riddle

Junior Grayson Emery, president of the Spanish club, leads the students in a game of Kahoot. While the club engages in the trivia game, Grayson and a fellow member hand out burritos.

Mackenzie Karnig, staff writer

Spanish Club has been at Carlsbad for many years and this year, junior Grayson Emery has stepped up to the position of president. To her friends and peers, Emery is looked upon as an involved member and proud president of the club. As the school year continues, the Spanish Club continues to improve through Emery’s leadership.

Spanish Club has always been a very festive club lead by upperclassmen, and this year Emery was awarded the position. With the presidency, Emery has many things planned and many to look forward to this year.

“It feels awesome to be the president of the Spanish Club,” said Emery. “I enjoy having a leadership position in a club that I’m passionate about.”

Emery isn’t the only one who is looking forward to the rest of the year in Spanish Club. Her friends have also been with her along the many years leading up to her junior year as president. Junior Bella Fraga has been with Emery since freshman year when they both joined the club. Fraga believes that Emery was the right choice to lead this club.

“I think Grayson has a lot of great leadership skills and she is very easy to talk to and confront,” said Fraga. “She is very passionate about Spanish Club and she puts a lot of effort into her work.”

Being the president of the club, Grayson has noticed that a lot of hard work and dedication goes into making the club the best it can be. Through making it a club to enjoy and learn at, the importance of the club has become clear to Emery.

“The importance of Spanish Club is that it is a place where anyone can come and learn about Spanish culture and have a good time with friends,” said Emery.

Living up to that expectation, Fraga believes that Emery has made it a great club to have fun at and enjoy its festivities. Fraga explains that Emery has added many elements to make the club live up to its expectations throughout all the years it has been at Carlsbad High School.

“The importance of Spanish Club is that it is a place where anyone can come and learn about Spanish culture and have a good time with friends.””

— Grayson Emery

“Well, if you were at the Lancer Day parade, you would have seen our amazing Spanish club float. We decorated the truck and made it look like we were riding in a taco,” said Fraga. “We were dancing to a playlist she put together. She has made the club very fun and festive for everyone to enjoy.”

To Emery, being the leader of the Spanish Club means putting in a lot of effort and time in order to obtain her leadership position. The effort goes toward making it a great club by including many activities and facts about what the club is all about.

“The usual activities in Spanish Club include presentations about multiple Spanish speaking countries and their traditions,” said Emery. “And each meeting ends with burritos for all the members.”

Emery is a part of a club that has many great features that have been a part of the club since it started, but also new activities added by Emery herself and other presidents in years before her. By adding these new festivities, she has made it club she always loved being apart of.

“I love Spanish club because it is a way for me to meet new people and also practice being a leader in my community.”