Staying woke at ‘The Drowsy Chaperone’


Hannah Gelbart

Seniors Sophia Marks and Brandon Blackman rehearsing the Finale for the Drowsy Chaperone. The show will be performed this weekend in the Cultural Arts Center.

Dulce Martinez , Managing Editor

Carlsbad High School’s Theater program has put on countless show in our theatre, and every year there is a spring musical. This years musical is a take on Bob Martin and Don Mckellar’s ‘The Drowsy Chaperone’. The story follows a man who shares his favorite musical with the audience and the musical comes to life behind him. It is a comedic show with a little bit of drama and includes songs that will be stuck in your head for days.  

 “The Drowsy Chaperone is a musical within a musical,” senior Ben Little said. “It is about a man who is introducing the audience to his favorite musical and shows the audience what he likes and dislikes about musical theatre.”

This musical is different because it’s a play making fun of a musical and someone in present day is narrating an old musical while putting in modern opinions. The costumes and the set of the musical are completely different from the past musicals put on, they both have modern spin to them. The audience feels as if they are in the 1920’s and are in the Moscow theatre in which where the original show was performed. The characters in the show have big personalities and make the show original.

“I play the drowsy chaperone,” senior Alexis Dytko said. “She is a washed up actress who is chaperoning her friend’s, Janet’s wedding. I auditioned for the musical because I have a lot of fun being around my friends who are apart of the cast and I love making people laugh.”

The cast consists of the advanced theatre group and members of the show choir. the students come back year after year because they love being around each other and they have fun as a group. They all work well together and they create a family over the months they are constantly together. They depend on each other to know their lines and work together to put on a memorable production. Without the bond the actors create and the chemistry they have, the performances wouldn’t be what they are.

“I like the cast because most of the leads are friends already so that made the chemistry easy for us.” senior Sophia Marks said.

The cast has been rehearsing since October and it has been nonstop since then. They are in the Carlsbad Cultural Arts Center everyday for three hours perfecting their lines and dance numbers. They rehearse with the orchestra and band as well as the sets. The theater program puts in many hours of their time to make sure they perfect the show and put on a performance that the audience will never forget.

“People should come out to see the musical because it’s funny and the music numbers are different from other musicals,” Marks said. “It’s a comedy and it has elements of Broadway musical theater, but it also is making fun of a musical. Even if you don’t like musicals it has elements of a play. It has something for everyone.”