Chamber Singers start competition season


Maddie Bowman

Senior Proma Dewanjee leads the Chamber Singers as they practice for their upcoming events.

Dulce Martinez, Managing Editor

Carlsbad High School has many talented students that perform and represent our school at competitions. All the performing groups at CHS put in hard work and many hours to prepare for their competition season whether that be band, orchestra, drum line or choir.

 Carlsbad High school offers four different types of choir programs; Sound Express, Encore, Chamber Singers and Lancer Choir. Sound Express and Encore are the advanced show choir while Chamber Singers are the advanced choral group. Chamber Singers is the advanced choral group. This group puts in hard work, rehearsing every tuesday of the week to perfect their set for their festivals.the difference between this group and the other programs is that their main focus is their music and sound rather than the appearance.

“Our set is composed of three songs,”senior Proma Dewanjee said. “The first song is German and it tells the story of gypsies and how they couldn’t go back to their homeland. The second one is in French and it’s a story of love. The last song is in Latin and it has a religious meaning to it.”

Chamber singers perform at festivals and they are judged not against other groups but given feedback on how they performed. They are different in the way that their group does not focus on pop music but classical music and they aim for a classical sound. Chamber singers focus on interpreting the meaning of the music they sing by using their vocals.

“In show choir they tell a story through their dancing and singing by following a storyline,while we use the actual music to tell a story even if it’s in a different language,” senior Shannon Monahan said. “We focus on compositions and the phrasing of music and we go deep into the music and the advanced qualities of it.”

Most students who are in Chamber Singers like being apart of the group because they sing music that sets them apart from other choir groups. They compete in different types of competitions which gives them feedback on how to be the best they can be. Most importantly they are a small group that gets along together and push each other to be the best.

“Chamber Singers is special because we are such a small group and we work efficiently and quickly with one another. We get to focus on the music and the musicality rather than an appearance,” senior Brandon Rovello said. “Our group gets to come out of our comfort zone of what we usually think music is, such as music on the radio and we expand on that.”

Chamber singers is different in the way that they expand on what music is and define it as something that you don’t normally hear on the radio. They find joy in focusing on their music and helping each other to sound the best they can possible sound. It is a family where the students get to share their passion for music and performing together. 

” We are able to expand our horizons when it comes to learning diffrent languages and learning about different cultures. That is what makes us different.” senior Shannon Monohan said.