Drumming into the drumline season


Nathalie Rodriguez

Drumline practices for their upcoming season. They practice their drumming skills after school in preparation for competitions.

Dulce Martinez , Managing Editor

Our school has many music programs such as choir, band and orchestra, but one that you may not hear of as often is our drumline program.

They are at every football game entertaining the crowd while they perform alongside our band program. Drumline also marches in the Lancer Day Parade every year as well as competing against other schools in competitions.

“We practice Tuesdays right after school as well as Thursdays. Sometimes we have practice on weekends depending on when our competitions are,” sophomore Julia Moreno-Christian said.

Drumline goes to competitions every other weekend and competes with different high school teams. The team has won the title of the 2015 PA Scholastic Silver Medalist along with many others awards and accomplishments.

“Although the practices may be long and hard, the end result at our competitions is astounding and it definitely makes all the hardships we go through worth it,” Moreno said. “The music and our performances definitely make up for the long hours of practice.”  

While this program may not be talked about as often as the rest, they put just as much time and effort  into making them the best team they can possible be.

Drumline’s competition schedule can be found here.