Reaching out for help

Team REACH is helping out the students of Carlsbad High through the stressful homework and test cramming.

John Mayberry

As students near the joyful winter break, many are beginning to realize with break comes the time for back-breaking tests and all-nighter essays. This time of the year is stressful for students; with a history test on Thursday and an english due at 11:59 the same night, most students find it difficult to complete or even to understand the assignments given to them.  

Senior Julia Zeng founded Team REACH to help students connect with peer tutors on campus. Throughout her high school career, Zeng has taken over 12 advanced placement classes and 11 honors classes. Zeng uses her knowledge and success to help other succeed as well. 

“It was difficult to find tutors at Carlsbad High. They do exist but if you wanted to find one you had to ask around a lot and they were not aggregate tutors. So we put it all together,” Senior Julia Zeng said.

Since starting the Team REACH club her sophomore year, Julia expanded the club from only tutoring students at Valley Middle School to tutoring the mass of students in need at Carlsbad high school.

“With only one session, Team REACH has helped me link up with a tutor who has help me understand the difficult concepts. I usually miss a lot in Spanish and I can see my grade improve because of it.” Junior Danny Martinez said.

The program expanded far beyond simply being a tutor. Team Reach members have also begun to help out other students in the community. By helping a fellow student at the high school, it helps the student receive the grades they work hard for, all while the tutor is able to get community service hours.

“I wanted to get involved more in clubs and have the opportunity to get community service hours. Team REACH has helped immensely,” junior Dillan Krichbaum said. ” I got many tutoring opportunities and even outside of school. It feels empowering to relay the academic information that you’ve gotten onto somebody else and help them,” 

Sometimes, when teachers do not explain the ideas very well or the student doesn’t comprehend the concept put in front of them. With the help of Team REACH, students can receive free peer tutoring to help them understand the hard concepts and ideas and to help them get the grades they want.

To sign up, visit Team REACH’s website, and there will be instructions for both sides, whether you want to be tutored or receive tutoring.