The new kid in the White House

Trump’s Presidency

Max Ward

The 2016 election was a roller coaster ride for all involved. The likes of Ben Carson, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz traveled the country hoping to become the next leader of the free world. By the end, entrepreneur and television celebrity Donald Trump came out on top.

“This election opened my eyes to see how manipulative politicians can be, throwing petty arguments out and trying to appeal to everyone,” senior John Kounelis said. “I’d say the majority of this election has been based off of media.”

Trump’s election has sparked protest throughout the country, by people who claim to feel betrayed by the election. Protests have even become violent in some parts of the country like Portland, where police officers were forced to wear riot control gear in order to quell the protest. Despite this, some Trump supporters stand tall and look hopefully towards the future believing Trump will strengthen the country.

“With Trump being elected into office, I feel good about our country’s future, and I think it is a positive step towards change for our country,” junior Wyatt Andrews said. “Trump’s presidency will bring fair opportunity to those who work hard and admire the American lifestyle.”

Many felt jarred by Trump’s election due to some of the comments he stated on the path to his presidency. A significant reason people were opposed to Trump was because they believed he did not have a filter.

“No one is worse than Trump,” junior Nina Brawer said.“ He’s a misogynist, and he is a racist and he has no idea about what he is talking about.”

Trump gained his presidency after a long and grueling campaign that widened the split between the two main American political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats. Whether or not he will attempt to mend the wounds created by the infamous 2016 election has yet to be seen. Trump’s supporters stand readily by his side to “Make America Great Again.”

“I feel great that Trump has become president and I think he is gonna really help our economy and really support our middle class,” junior Isaiah Ramos said. “We’re gonna see a lot of changes in our country.”