REVIEW: American Horror Story

Dulce Martinez , Managing Editor

American Horror Story Season 6 had a lot to live up to, after months of teaser trailers being released the show premiered in Sept. The large fan base had high expectations based on the previous season and according to reviews, Ryan Murphy did not disappoint.

American Horror story is an american television series that has smashed rating records with over millions of people watching every week. It brought a new genre to Television, Director Ryan Murphy says that he wanted to experiment with a genre that is not normally shown or used in other Television programs. A mix of the paranormal, mystery, and a lot of gore.  So far the show has run five seasons that have different themes, all of them having ties with the paranormal and most of them being based on true events that have occurred. At first the new season seemed to be similar to the first season, a married couple move into a new house after experiencing a bump in their relationship who then begin to experience odd and unusual activity in their new home.

The new awaited season of AHS, My Roanoke Nightmare, takes place in Roanoke Island, North Carolina. Right off the bat watchers could tell this season differs from the others,  instead of the events occurring in present time, they are presented like a documentary. There are the people who experienced paranormal activity and they are reflecting on their experiences. Just like in documentaries the show has a lot of dramatic reenactments. Shelby Miller and her husband Matt Miller move to North Carolina after they go through a bump in their marriage, They buy a new house in an auction and soon come to find that the house is haunted by the dead colonists who went missing in 1590. Much like all the other seasons this is also based on a true story.  

The first episode was not something that was expected, there was no lead up, it jumped right into weird scenes and someone almost dying. Although the audience didn’t get Evan Peters or any insight onto what his character was like, but we did get to meet Kathy Bates’s Character, who definitely made up for his absence. So far the season has met the expectations of the viewers and has been one of the most interesting plots in the American Horror Story Series.

What makes this season so interesting is the actual mystery of the lost colony that went missing in the 1590s, and there is so much history behind it. The director and writers have done an excellent job at bringing this mystery to life again, this show is a show that definitely deserves a spot on your to watch list. Warning: This show does contain mature content as well as many jump scares and gore.

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