Samiksha Ramesh is rewarded valedictorian


Photo Courtesy to Samiksha Ramesh

Lauren Henry, Staff Writer

As the end of the year approaches, senior Samiksha Ramesh accepts prestigious position of valedictorian. Winning valedictorian of Carlsbad High School’s class of 2016 represents a recognition of hard work and opens new opportunities.

The wide selection of classes at CHS have appealed to Ramesh’s wide set of interests and aspirations.

“I’ve taken a lot of advanced classes that we have available on campus, and I’ve made use of the resources we have available to us to not only take these classes but to be successful in them,” Ramesh said. “I’ve taken a wide variety of AP classes while I’ve been here. This year I’ve taken AP Computer Science, AP Statistics, AP English and AP Macroeconomics.”

Balancing classes presents a problem for the average student, but Ramesh’s intense schedule takes an immense amount of drive.

“I’ve definitely had trouble with maintaining a work ethic with this huge work load,” Ramesh said. “A busy schedule is very hard to keep up with, so staying on top of things is the hardest part. The amount of work was definitely difficult, but keeping the level of motivation really paid off in the end. To balance my work, not procrastinating helped. As stereotypical as that sounds, time management is very useful.”

With the intensity of Ramesh’s high school career, she has gained useful knowledge about how to succeed in hard classes.

“Your teachers are never going to give you more work than you can handle,” Ramesh said. “Making use of class time minimizes the amount of time you spend studying outside of class. So making wise use of your time is important. Don’t take classes because they are AP classes, take them because they interest you. Make sure whatever classes you take align with the career you want to do. The classes that are hardest are the ones you don’t care about. Being passionate about your subjects will help you succeed.”

Ramesh feels appreciated by being distinguished as valedictorian among the many dedicated students at CHS.

“It’s meaningful to think my hard work during high school is being recognized,” Ramesh said. “I do not think that I am the smartest person on campus, there are so many intelligent people here at Carlsbad. I just think this is a great way of recognizing students, and I’m honored they selected me.”

The distinguished title of valedictorian gives purpose to Ramesh’s hard work along with her acceptance into an impressive university.

“I’m going to Johns Hopkins University,” Ramesh said. “I think the award is a great way to end my high school career and step into the college world. I think some of the skills I acquired in gaining this title, will come to use in college.”