Lancers in the crowd: Alana Snow


Hailey Nalitt

Alana Snow is a junior at Carlsbad High. She plays a remarkable four sports including basketball, softball, volleyball and track. As well as being a star athlete, she is a member of many clubs on campus.

Heather Lynch, Staff Writer

The Lancer Link has selected a Lancer to interview and learn more about. This next Lancer in the crowd is the gifted and cultured Alana Snow. As a junior at CHS, Snow is involved in a multitude of activities and sports that allow her to embrace all the joys of being a Carlsbad Lancer.

Snow has an undeniable passion for sports, participating in the varsity basketball, softball, volleyball and track programs at CHS. She is also involved in Dance 3 and beach volleyball. These sports take up much of Snow’s time, but she holds a fervor for competing that motivates her to do well.

Snow’s participation in sports has not only led her to great achievements in the Carlsbad community, it has also taken her across the globe. She had the opportunity to compete with Great Britain’s national softball team in Europe this past summer.

“When I made my first national team for Great Britain, I traveled the world to Italy, Sweden, England and Oklahoma,” Snow said.

This eye-opening trip instilled in Snow the idea that she could accomplish anything she set her mind to. She was exposed to the thrills of achieving something that she had worked very hard for, and representing her country at the same time.

“I learned how big the world is,” Snow said. “Things were put into perspective.”

However, Snow is no stranger to life outside of the United States. She was born in Woking, England, and moved to America when she was in fourth grade. This drastic change in her early life served as an incentive to immerse herself in the foreign culture.

“I understand the completely opposite culture and how to adapt to my environment to get along with all kinds of people,” Snow said.

While she works to achieve her goals in competitive sports, Snow also dedicates her time to other activities on campus. She is a member of the Interact club, Improv club, Loud Crowd, Spanish Club, Spoken Word Poetry club and is a leading officer of the PLUS team. She is grateful to CHS for offering up so many opportunities, such as these, for her to find and express herself.

These activities help Snow maintain a balance between achieving success and having fun doing it. She soars to impressive heights as an athlete but also prides herself on being able to eat the entire strawberry, play ping-pong and do the splits.

“I have learned composure, how to make the most of a situation, and how to have fun,” Snow said. “It’s not all about the results in life, but about the sheer joy of something.”