Sound Express achieves high merit at Chaparral Showcase


Maddie Bowman

Sound Express practices during their 4th period class in order to prepare for their upcoming shows. The Sound Express choir placed second in the Advanced Mixed Division at the Chaparral Showcase in Temecula.

Mani Mendez, Staff Writer

On Saturday, Feb. 20, the varsity show choir competition team, Sound Express, achieved second place in the Advanced Mixed Division at the Chaparral Showcase in Temecula. Hard work and dedication, along with the bond created between teammates allowed this choir to accomplish its success early in competition season.

Before competition season begins, the choral group must come up with a set list they will be performing at competitions. The group must rehearse several hours a week in order to perfect their sets.

“We typically practice after school twice a week depending on how much we have to practice for our competition on Saturday,” senior Andrea Husten said.

Rehearsing can sometimes be long and stressful because everyone wants to do well. From vocals to dance routines, they have to make sure everything is perfect for competitions. However, being a part of the community that Sound Express creates makes it easy for everybody to get along and help with the dance routines.

“I like being a part of Sound Express because they have become my family,” Husten said. “Throughout the year you make new friends, and create a family that will support and guide you in future years.”

On competition days, they usually spend the entire day in their outfits. They have a call time early in the day and drive together to their destination, where they wait a few hours before they go up on stage and show the judges their hard work.

“We have at least two rivals in every competition that we go to, so it’s definitely a challenge to go and perform against them,” senior Megan Chua said. “It’s always fun to perform and do our best because we know that we gave it all that we can.”