“Museum” takes a comedic approach to various perceptions of art


Dalton House

Advanced theatre had a performance on Sat. Jan. 23. The play was named ‘Museum’.

Mani Mendez, Staff Writer

After many hours of hard work and dedication, the advanced theater program performed “Museum” at the CAC on Saturday. They have been practicing long hours since November, demonstrating their desire to adequately showcase how different types of people react to art within the play.

The advanced theater students share a passion for performing on stage, however, the passion of select students rise above the others. Each actor had the opportunity to audition for the role they wished to play, where the most dedicated students tried out for the lead roles.

“I played the role of May and she was one of the laughing ladies who did not respect the artist’s work in the play,” senior Monica Lampaya said.

Everyone enjoyed different aspects of the production, contributing to various favorable memories among the cast.

“My favorite part was that we could all be part of a realistic play that has a meaningful message,” senior Maya Celeste said.

Comedic in nature, the audience bursted with laughter throughout the duration of the performance which instigated rave reviews.

“I really enjoyed the show because it made me laugh,” senior Valerie Ibarra said. “I thought it was really funny how the actors showed their personalities through their characters on stage.”

Lampaya has been in theater for the past four years and is now a leader in the department. She feels comfortable and at ease on stage, with friends from theater and in the theater room. Her hard work and commitment in class has lead her to grow as a performer on stage and as a person, too.

“I love  being able to express myself through acting,” Lampaya said. “Every time I step into the CAC I feel at home with my family.”