French club travels beyond the classroom


Hanna Dupre

French club is open to all visitors. It not only teaches others about French culture but members also help out in the community.

Mani Mendez, Staff Writer

CHS’s French Club is always welcoming new students to join and participate in the activities they have going on. Their objective is to reach out to others and teach them about the French language and culture. Not only does French Club expose the culture at their meetings, they also find ways to help out in the Carlsbad community.

This year, French Club announced that they will be adopting a less fortunate family through the Carlsbad Christmas Bureau. The Carlsbad Christmas Bureau helps bring families together to celebrate Christmas while also providing them basic necessities.

“In the past, my family has adopted a family through the Carlsbad Christmas Bureau so I thought we could adopt one through French Club and fortunately we were able to,” senior and President of French Club Annika Johnson said. “We’ve been given a lot of opportunities and have been blessed with so many donations.”

French Club is working together to collect presents, gift cards and donations towards their adoptive family. Teacher advisor Mrs. Kuehner has been pushing towards helping out charities such as the Christmas Bureau.

“We basically buy gifts for our assigned family, wrap them and then send them to share the holiday spirit,” Johnson said.

Besides helping out in the community, the students in French Club try to extend their passion for French culture to all, no matter what language you speak. This year, the board introduced a new way of running their meetings; they focus on having fun while also making it a learning experience.

“We decided to focus on a lot of different provinces of France,” senior Natalie Ridpath said.”So we typically we have an activity or game correlating to the province and then there’s always some type of food to tie in with the topic.”

The activities done by the members of French Club also take place outside of the classroom. Over the summer, the board members went to the Boys and Girls Club once a week and taught the kids about the French language and culture.

“French Club is a great club and the board is always having fun putting things on like helping at the Boys and Girls Club,” Ridpath said. “We are committed to spreading our love of France with others.”