The Lancer Dancers inspire youth through kids classes


Marianna Marsden

Lancer Dancers teach kid classes every Wednesday from 3-5:30pm. There are three different levels for the kids to go through and each class is an hour. These classes help fundraise for the dancers to go to UDA Nationals in Disney World.

Mani Mendez, Staff Writer

Every fall, the Lancer Dancers begin teaching the Jr. Lancer Dancers kids classes, finishing the program with performances in December. They will perform in the Lancer dancer Showcase as well as the Tree Lighting in Downtown Carlsbad. The classes take place every Wednesday for boys and girls ranging from the ages of 5-14.

Every year kids class leaders are appointed, and this year Gigi Behun, and Sophie DiPietro, Ellie Meck make up their leadership team. Their job is to come up with choreography and to plan the week’s agenda with activities for the kids. While these dancers are the main leaders of each class, every Lancer Dancer takes part in the program. Teaching young kids creates an opportunity for the Lancer Dancers to serve as positive role models while sharing their passion.

“Watching the little ones progress is what inspires me to teach them,” senior Taylor Ginn said. “It’s really cool watching them improve and make friends throughout the course of the class.”

Beginning with team activities and fun games, the Jr. Lancer Dancer classes cultivate strong friendships among the dancers. The ultimate goal of the series of classes, however, is to prepare the kids to preform in their upcoming showcase.

“We love interacting with the kids,” senior Piper Cervantes said. “Usually in the beginning of class we talk about how our days at school were and play the freeze dance with them to help them get warmed up.”

As National Champions, the Lancer Dancers incorporate their many skills into the dance classes. The team proves it’s always willing to help the kids do their best, gain self confidence and maintain a positive attitude.

“The Lancer Dancers are also split up into smaller groups so that we are able to get to know each girl better and can help them to our best ability,” Ginn said.

Providing an environment where kids can have fun dancing motivates the Lancer Dancers to keep doing what they love.

“Seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces makes me so happy to work with them and motivates me to do my best,” senior Mary Carrasco said.