Fiona Cisternas: sculpting her own life


Adoley Swaniker

Junior, Fiona Cisternas, has been creating these detailed clay creations for almost five years now and takes great pride in them. What started as a fun hobby, has become a great interest for Fiona.

Olivia Easterbrook, Writer

Not many high school students can tell you what their true passion is this early in life, but junior Fiona Cisternas figured out easily that her passion is the art of sculpture. At a young age, this craft was an enjoyable pastime, but now in high school she finds it to be one of her favorite hobbies.

“I stumbled upon the annual sculpture party on Labor Day weekend when I was 11 years old,” Cisternas said.  “I picked up some clay, started sculpting, and fell in love with it, and I then signed up for some summer sculpture camps and have been doing it ever since.”

With her newfound love for sculpting, Fiona discovered that this form of art gave her a way to express herself in the simple means of just molding clay, which transforms into a masterpiece with a purpose.

“Sculpture is very freeing and a great way to release stress,” Cisternas said. “It’s all about the artist’s interpretation and there’s no ‘wrong’ way to make a sculpture.”

For Cisternas, there is no certain way to start the sculpting process, an idea just comes to her and she begins to create whatever she has envisioned.

“There’s no formula for how to make it or rules to follow, you just do what you want to do,” Cisternas said.

Her only advice for sculpting is 1. Get a block of clay, 2. Pick a model and 3. Start sculpting it.

“There are no certain steps to follow for sculpting, you only need to follow whatever you believe will become amazing,” Cisternas said.

Many of her friends have seen all of the accomplishments and pieces she has created and are in complete awe and fascination about the dedication and detail in all of her work.

“It’s amazing seeing Fiona create something just from her hands,” junior Jessica Baze said. “I have known Fiona since we were young and that’s also when she started sculpting, so I have seen her since the beginning and she has only grown into becoming a great sculptor.”