Dance program prepares for halftime performance


Victoria Smith

Dance 1 prepares in class for the halftime show during the homecoming game on Sept. 19. All levels in dance will be performing.

Homecoming weekend can be stressful for high-schoolers with little time to find a date and the perfect dress. The dance program feels this stress as well, in preparation for their half time performance at the big homecoming game.

In 2011, all levels of the dance program became involved in the half time performance, which changed the dynamic of the homecoming game performance and brought new expectations for the dance program.

“We start teaching right away because a lot of my students have never danced before, so they are starting from day one learning a three minute dance,” dance teacher Mrs. Clawson, commonly known as Soli, said.

The dances that are performed at homecoming are different than the dances we see performed by the dance program for their Lancer Dancer Showcase and Dance Xtreme Shows in the winter and spring.

“The dances for homecoming consist of a bunch of sharp arms and ripples,” junior and dance 3 student Kate Carter said. “The choreography is aimed more at creating a lasting impression and big effect rather than for specific dancers to be highlighted. It is more of a reflection of the entire program.”

Along with the new routine, the dancers have to quickly adjust to performing in front of a large and excited crowd. This is a situation not many dancers are used to.

“Performing on the field is much bigger–there is a lot more room to dance and it’s a lot trickier, because you are dancing with the whole dance program, so it’s tough for everyone to be in sync,” Carter said. “We work really hard and we practice together so hopefully we will look nice and clean for the show.”

After three weeks of preparation the dance program hopes to see their hard work pay off on the field alongside color guard, band and cheer.

“It is a great feeling being involved with all the different kinds of arts,” Soli said.

Taking on the challenge of learning and perfecting a dance routine in such a short time span may seem difficult, but the dance program rises to this challenge.

“I hope everyone comes out to see the performance because it will be one to remember,” Carter said.