Bands battle it out for ghost spectators


Alex Ramirez

Members of the band Moon Unit play their set, this being only the second time they’ve ever played together at a show. This group placed 3rd overall at the competition, and Shawshank Redeemed ended with a victorious first place.

If a concert is put on and no one shows, is music still enjoyed? This past Saturday five bands battled it out for the winning title at the Bressi Ranch Boys and Girls Club, though not many came out to support aside from band members and parents.

“The turn out was a little disappointing for a battle of the bands,” Moon Unit lead guitarist Klay Stevens said. “I would say there were only about 30 people there tops.”

A little past the set start time of 5:00 pm, after some mild technical difficulties, the show began. The metal punk band duo ‘Boyz’ kicked it off, followed by ‘Biblical Violence’, another metal band that contains the duo of Boyz in it’s ranks. Up next was ‘Moon Unit’, an alternative grunge band trio. Following, ‘The Average Household’ played and last was ‘Shawshank Redeemed’, two more metal bands.

“Even with the kind of crowd we had, it was still a fun show to put on,” The Average Household member Jake Ummel said.”Hearing other local artists was a really cool experience and everyone in a band was still stoked to be playing.”

Though each band put on a good show it was Shawshank Redeemed who emerged victorious. They won waterproof speakers and the opportunity to play a returning show at the same venue for the Boys and Girls club. Second place was The Average Household, and Moon Unit took third.

“It’s always fun to win no matter what,” Shawshank Redeemed member Garrison Zoutendyk said.”We loved the other bands and just playing here tonight with everyone. The mosh when we started playing was really cool too.”

Make sure to check out The Average Household and Shawshank Redeemed on Soundcloud to see what you have been missing out on.