Alaina Blair sings into action


Courtesy of Alaina Blair

Former CHS student Alaina Blair was recently featured in “The Carlsbad Magazine” for her emerging musical career. She has been preforming since age five but began to focus on singing around age twelve. (photo courtesy of Alaina Blair)

After years of dedication and hard work, Carlsbad High School alumnus Alaina Blair has begun her road to fame.

“When I was five, my grandpa built me a stage in my backyard, so I kind of just fell in love with being on stage,” performer Alaina Blair said. “I grew up doing community theatre, which lead me to discover my passion for singing and music. That is when I started taking lessons and really just going for it. Now, I am 21, and I am still going for it.”

Ever since she was 12 years old, she has dreamed of pursuing music as a career. However, she has kept a wide span of interests. At Carlsbad, she pursed varsity softball and cheerleading, along with her music and theatre career on the side.

“I have always loved being center of attention,” Blair said. “When I was growing up I participated in pageants, talent shows and really anything  being on stage. Being in front became my second home. I was and still am always trying to be involved in as many things as possible. If I am not doing rehearsals for a gig, I am in the studio writing or practicing guitar, which I still suck at, but I try.”

Her drive led her to build a lifestyle centered mainly around her passions. She hopes to go further within the music field by landing a record or touring deal. Blair recently got back from a military entertainment tour where she had the opportunity to preform in the middle east at several military bases

“I love touring, and I definitely want to keep doing tours and playing shows,” Blair said. “Plus, as far as the music industry is now, we, as artists, can make our money through preforming, making a fan base, selling merchandise, selling tickets and selling records which is harder now since the internet allows everything to be free. It is cool because you want your name out there, but it gets to a point where you need to make a living out of it which is what I want to do. My ultimate goal is to be able to support myself with music. Fame would be awesome — I am not going to lie — but right now, I am focusing on touring, more music and more fans.”

Blair has to balance her day time job and practicing music, so she can pay her band. The connection to the audience is what just keeps her going back for more.

“It is the emotion and the connection with the audience that really just makes it that much more amazing than recording a song in the studio,” Blair said. “When you are recording, you are pulling the emotion from experiences or whatever the song is about. When you are preforming live with an audience, you get that emotion and that energy back instead of just giving it out.”

Even as she moves forward, her memories of high school still remain. She would love for the Lancers to come watch her at Cafe Panini on Feb. 15. She thanks Carlsbad for the continuous support and hopes the best for the rest.