Art students design t-shirts for Mitchell Thorp Foundation

Summer Lecher- Sophomore

February first rolls around and people of all ages cheer from the sidelines of the Hearts for Hope 5k run, gazing in awe at the beautiful T-shirts worn by the participants. Most will probably assume they came fresh off new winter designer clothing lines, but these uniquely fabricated garments were actually designed by our very own art students.

Recently, art students received a special offer enabling them to show their skills while helping the community through the unique opportunity of designing shirts for the Mitchell Thorp Foundation. This foundation plans to host the Hearts for Hope 5k run/walk and anyone who enters will be given a T-shirt.

“I think it is a cool way to get students involved,” sophomore Natallie Rocha said. “I’d be honored if my design was picked and I got to see a bunch of people wearing the shirts.”

The artists faced little restriction and indulged in their freedom, designing anything from simple silhouettes to intricate graphics. However, in the end only one T-shirt will be chosen. Despite the “competitive” aspect, everyone is a winner in this situation because they all get the chance to help support those in the community.

“The Thorps want to get us involved,” Mrs. Foulk said. “We are the people getting sick.”

Families with life-threatening diseases receive help from the Thorp Foundation when dealing with difficult situations, and making sacrifices such as missing work to be there with loved ones tends to produce drastic effects on a family.  Art teacher Mrs. Foulk worked with the Thorp foundation to allow students to give back to an organization who brings essential aid to many within Carlsbad.