Shawshank Redeemed play to rock


Courtesy of Shawshank Redeemed

Shawshanked redeemed is a band that has great music and atmosphere as well. (photo credits: Shawshanked redeemed)

Playing for years and traveling band from band, junior Garrison Zoutendyk has finally settled down with a group of talented musicians who share similar passions. The members of his current band have come together from different backgrounds and through the past year they have become closer and much stronger.

They chose to name their band Shawshank Redeemed, inspired by the powerful ideas presented in the famous film, “Shawshank Redemption.”

“The movie gives a positive message which is what we want people to feel while listening to our music,” Zoutendyk said.

After a year of performing and learning about the music industry, Zoutendyk has realized what it really takes to start a band, and it isn’t necessarily something that just anyone is cut out to do. Learning to be a leader has helped him define important qualities that are necessary to be prosperous.

“Anyone who wants to start a band should understand that it takes time, dedication and practice to see any effects,” Zoutendyk said.

But starting the band is only the beginning. Hard work plays a significant role in determining the success of any group, band or team.

“When a new band starts, they aren’t always going to be amazing,”  Zoutendyk said. “That’s why you should practice, to hopefully see results.”

Elements of punk and rock dominate the metallic sounds that amaze audiences. Shawshank Redeemed brings the heat and intensity through their dedication and energy invested into each performance.

“Shawshank Redeemed consists of a great group of guys who just enjoy playing music together,” junior Troy Gebert said. “They have a lot of talent and are a great band to go see if you just want to go hear some great music.”

If you enjoy metal and hard rock, you should most definitely check out this ambitious band. To download their music go to