Sprinkles cupcakes rise to the top


Savanna Kanester

Sprinkles flavors and elegant style set them apart from other cupcake shops with flavors like this spiced chai tea cake with chai vanilla frosting.

Savanna Kanester, staff writer

A cupcake is just a cupcake right? That conclusion is to be believed for those who have yet to experience a Sprinkles Cupcake. For all cupcake lovers, sweet-tooths, and just about anyone with a sense of taste, Sprinkles Cupcakes are seemingly a topic to be marveled over. After hearing such praise over this growing business I figured it was in my best interest to venture over to the nearest Sprinkles location and put this one of a kind taste to a test.

For those who have not had a Sprinkles Cupcake before, one may have seen appetizing pictures scrolling through your instagram feed or facebook page and can recognize sprinkles by their modern dot trademark. However, with this particular desert, a trip to the actual shop is a must. The nearest location for CHS students is currently in La Jolla- very popular among UCSD students. This charming bakery appeals to the regular onlooker with its unique modern design and classy but cute ambiance. For its relatively small size it should be expected that a line if not the cash register would be easy to find. However due to the fact that it was absolutely packed with drooling customers, it was amusingly difficult to navigate. However living up to its great talk, the somewhat far drive and bustling crowd was worth the while and is an delicious experience.

With the knowledge Sprinkles founder Candace Nelson’s cupcakes are inspired by her great grandmother’s cooking, I would expect would be very proud of the success her business has created. With all the success,  the company has recently opened Sprinkles Ice Cream.

Sprinkles offers great deals and displays ideal for gifts, parties,weddings.  They also incorporate seasonal flavors such as peanut butter banana cupcake for Elvis’s birthday making sprinkles an easy way to make an event out of an ordinary day. Whether it’s a pick me up in between finals or a snack on your way to the beach, Sprinkles Cupcakes seems to be the perfect addition to every occasion.

Sprinkles in all its simplicity has a tasteful magic that has made its way through the cupcake business. This mouth watering masterpiece is every weight watcher’s worst nightmare and I recommend it to all.