ASB applications available for interested students

Senior Kaziah Njoroge is an active member of ASB. One of her jobs is to take control of the stands at ASB assemblies. ASB is now accepting applications for next year and they want you to join the team!

Sierra Gomperts

Senior Kaziah Njoroge is an active member of ASB. One of her jobs is to take control of the stands at ASB assemblies. ASB is now accepting applications for next year and they want you to join the team!

Julie Ambo, News Editor

As the school year comes to a close, the promise of summer consumes a student’s every thought. Although, aside from fantasizing about breezy days by the beach, students need to make college applications a definite priority. Showing dedication by participating in the Associated Student Body, and the possible capture of an officer position, may be the key to receiving an acceptance letter from one’s dream college.

“I think people should consider applying for ASB because it’s fun. You may not even know it in the process, but you’re learning all these skills and building relationships with people,” senior Jackie Eghtesadi, ASB president, said. “It really opens up your spectrum of what you see and do and how you interact with people.”

Inspired by former president Keegan Sabahar, Eghtesadi campaigned last year to become ASB president as a way to channel her great passion for Carlsbad High. Her dedication has persevered, shown through the successes of homecoming and morp.

“I had no idea what I was really doing coming into it, but I’ve learned more than I could have imagined. You really need to be kind, I learned. You have to lead with respect for not only your peers, but yourself,” Eghtesadi said. “The experience has really opened my eyes up and let me be the person I’ve always wanted to be.”

Having never before participated in ASB, senior Keziah Njoroge took on the unprecedented challenge of applying for vice president, and in the end, her warm smile and open ears succeeded in winning over voters. Today, she offers advice to applicants on how they can also be victorious.

“Listen to what people have to say to gain votes. Really take into account everyone and not just your friends. You’re now dealing with the entire student body. They all have needs, and we need to make sure those needs are heard,” Njoroge said. “During lunch, I walked around and talked to people and heard what they wanted on campus. Once you do get the position, continue to talk to those people to show them they voted for the right person.”

The executive council, consisting of a president, a vice president, a secretary, a treasurer and a school board representative, amplifies Lancer spirit to an all time high during, but not limited to, sporting events, assemblies and dances. To accomplish this feat, commitment is a must; ASB relinquishes time outside of school, including weekends. Despite this, a substantial number of willing Lancers feel they possess the commitment necessary.

“Last year, we had around 70 applicants. This year, there are so many people, we’re expecting around 300. I would say there’s a majority of juniors that I hear of, but there are a lot of sophomores and a couple freshman,” junior Courtney Benner, publicity coordinator, said. “We have about forty to forty-five positions of workers in the class and five positions on the executive council.”

With prom quickly approaching, invoices, budgets and, most of all, pressure bombards Eghtesadi as she organizes the big finale. Despite the additional time and stress ASB may impose, she encourages others to join because involvement in this program helps students grow as people.

To apply, print out the application on School Loop or go to room 3214; use this opportunity to be more than a mere student, but an influential being.

“Seeing the loud crowd and all the kids who showed up to homecoming enjoying all the things I’ve planned brings tears in my eyes. It makes me so happy to know people are enjoying it just as much as I am,” Eghtesadi said. “Know what you’re getting yourself into, in a good way. Prepare yourself to challenge yourself, really.  It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it in the long run.”