Maintaining relationships in and out of school

Maintaining relationships in and out of school

Emily Matteson, Social Media Editor

Many students think it is weird running into their teachers outside of school. But for two Carlsbad High School students, not only is it completely normal but it is a daily occurrence.

Although most teenagers would hate to have their parents on campus, both senior Kaitlin Large and junior Chase Ogden love it.

“I love that my mom is a teacher on campus. I was in her class last year and it was really fun,” Large said.

Last year,Large had the rare experience of being in her mother’s class for ASL3. Surprisingly, Large loved being in her mother’s class.

“It was weird getting used to having my mom as my teacher at first. I was not sure if I was supposed to call her ‘Mom’ or ‘Mrs. Large,’” Large said. “My mom treated me just as any other student in the class, but I knew that I could not actually get in trouble for doing anything.”

As most students would expect, having a parent on campus can be pretty embarrassing at times–especially when your dad is Mr. Ogden.

“It is very embarrassing having my dad as a teacher, but he’s Mr. Ogden, I don’t know how else to put it,” Ogden said. “He told people I failed my license test and he showed his classes baby pictures of me.”

However, Mr. Ogden begs to differ.

“I object to everything that Chase said. I never showed his baby pictures and I never said anything about his license test,” Mr. Ogden said. “The only thing that I confess to doing is embarrassing him by showing my classes weird old toys and telling them that they are Chase’s.”

Even more than the students, Mr. Ogden loves teaching at his son’s school because he can find out if Chase is hiding anything from him.

“There are times when he tries to keep things from me so I told him that if he did not tell me then I would start asking my classes. Have I ever actually done that? No, but I have threatened it,” Mr. Ogden said.

Chase and his dad have an extremely unique relationship because besides being his dad and a teacher, Mr. Ogden is also his basketball coach.

“It can be frustrating at times having my dad as my coach but over all it is a good thing,” Chase said. “He pushes me a lot harder than everyone else but he has to.”

Like Chase, Mr. Ogden loves coaching his son because they get along so well.

“It’s fantastic because he’s been around my teams since he was a little kid so he knows what goes into having a good team like hard work and dedication,” Mr. Ogden said.

Even though seeing your parents all the time may be frustrating, both Large and Ogden are very thankful to have their parents on campus.