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News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

Firehouse Subs serves it up hot in Carlsbad

Seannie Bryan
(Left) Senior Andrew Allan enjoys a Firehouse Sub on an early day. (Right) Among the bright red firefighter decor, the sub shop has a sign with the ways that their customers can help donate to buy lifesaving equipment.


“Oh snap.”

“Are you serious?”

“This is the best thing I have eaten in my life.”

“What’s this place called again?”

Firehouse Subs. The new fast-casual sandwich shop next to Barnes and Noble won’t be under the radar for much longer. Since its opening in March, Firehouse Subs has shocked and converted customers on a daily basis, providing unmatched quality and family- like service.

“The first one opened in 1993 Jacksonville, Florida,” restaurant owner Glenn Mutz said. “Since then we have 550 nationwide, this one being the first in California.”

Firefighting brothers Robin and Chris Sorensen founded the first shop, dedicated to creating a place to satisfy fireman sized appetite. But the brother’s vision stretched far past the firehouse decor and theme.

“A huge part of Firehouse Subs is our support of the Public Safety Foundation and local fire stations,” Mutz said.“We recently raised $9,000 to aid the funding of a new training facility for Oceanside Fire.”

The majority of the funds generated come from donations made at checkout. Each time you order a sub the cashier will ask if you wish to round up your check to the next dollar. As you walk away free from pesky nickels and pennies, you have effortlessly contributed to the millions of dollars generated by this ingenious fundraising.

“In addition to the dollar round ups, we also have a program called Buckets Save Lives. It’s actually quite convenient for us,”  Mutz said. “We get our pickles in buckets of hundreds, and then sell the buckets for $2. It all goes to our community outreach”

With a savory menu and a charitable goal, Firehouse Subs truly sets itself apart by the atmosphere you enjoy simply walking in the door. The place smells like ambrosia, everyone has a smile on their face, and you can’t walk three feet through the doors without a friendly greeting.

Owner Mutz and his father had always dreamed of running a restaurant. During this economic struggle the idea seemed folly, but eventually the stars aligned. Finally having the opportunity to live this dream, they make sure to do it right.

“We want people to love this place. If you don’t like your food, we give you a new sub for free,” Mutz said.“It’s not complicated. If you enjoy your food, you’ll come back -and bring your friends. That’s the best marketing there is.”

Anything else the folks back home need to know?

“Up on the counter we have 50 specialty hot sauces free for anyone to use. They’re labeled from 1-10 based on their intensity. If someone wants a ten though they have to come ask me. It’s so dangerous I hide it in my desk drawer,” Mutz laughed.

Whether you’re looking for a little spice, a good meal, or to put some spark back into lunch, Firehouse Subs can’t be beat.

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Scott Snow, staff writer
On a dark and stormy night in London, a boy was born in Kingston Hospital. 15 pounds and 8 ounces of pure gorgeousness, Scott Snow is the black panther of human beings. He now lives in Carlsbad.
Seannie Bryan, head photographer
Seannie is excited to be a senior at Carlsbad, participating in Journalism, Filmmaking, and Broadcasting, and has her own photography business. She is also a Nerdfighter.

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Firehouse Subs serves it up hot in Carlsbad