Holiday presents: What to get for everyone on your list

Holiday presents: What to get for everyone on your list

Eric Hammond, staff writer

With the holiday season coming once again, stores and malls are filled with people getting gifts for friends and family members. For some people, getting the right present is no problem. However, if you are not one of these people, here are some low budget suggestions for what to get this year.

Let’s start off with your parents. The things that parents love, especially as a gift, is when you make something. If you are crafting something in woodshop, or are working on an art project, give that to your parents. Anything that it may be, even if you aren’t artistically talented, they will still enjoy for what it is, and be appreciative on the fact that you went out of your way to make them something.

Sisters may be a little harder, because they are going to want something based upon their interests. One thing that is good to do is analyze the things that your sister likes. It doesn’t have to be anything high key, as long as they are interested in it. Say your sister likes Taylor Swift; just get her one of her albums. If your sister is into movies, you can even get her something as generic as The Notebook on dvd. She will still enjoy it for what it is.

The same thing goes for brothers. They, like sisters, will want something that is also based off their interests. For the stereotypical video game-playing brother, get him a cheap video game. You can also give them a music CD, from a band they like or a genre they favor.

A very good idea would also to get something for your boyfriend or (especially) girlfriend. In terms of boyfriends, if you get him something, make sure it’s not a very big gift, something even as simple as guitar picks (considering he’s into guitar). Just make it something really primitive. No matter what it is, he will still like it.

For girlfriends, they’re going to enjoy anything that you make by yourself, maybe a heartfelt poem or a song. If you’re too embarrassed to do it, just keep it in mind that she won’t make fun of you for it or tell your friends. Instead, she will love it, even if it’s not that good.

If you feel like you need to get something for your friends, a good idea would be something comedic. If you could find a little nick knack at the store that reminds you of an inside joke that you and your friend have together, that would be a very fun idea. Something as simple as a stuffed animal that would make you laugh and think of that person when you see it works perfectly.

To WRAP it up, getting the right gift is a lot easier then it seems! Just keep this in mind, and you’ll be making everyone happy this holiday season. Happy Holidays!