Mancer Dancers: a holiday gift to all the ladies


Mancer and Lancer Dancers put in hard work to prepare for their upcoming showcase in December.

Riley Hoffman, staff writer

They are back. As the annual Lancer Dancer showcase approaches, the hype of the crowd’s favorite male dance team, or Mancer Dancers, is beginning to escalate. Said to be one of the best parts of the showcase which includes all of the dance program, the Mancers recently held “open tryouts.”

Dancers of the highest quality came out to strut their stuff and attempt to make the team. Although the quality of the dancing was beyond phenomenal, the exclusivity forced the team to be cut down to size. One such dancer cut was former Mancer junior Sam Stadleberger who had to fight hard against oncoming tears when learning of himself being cut.

“I just about walked up to the team in expectance,” Stadleberger said. “When all was said and done, my number had not been called.”

For Stadleberger the manner of separation left a lasting bitterness in his heart.

“I thought the program had respect to their name,” Stadleberger said. “After they cut a first year varsity Mancer, I just don’t know.”

Though they are feeling some heat from such a brutal tryout, the new Mancer Dancers are anticipating a strong team.

“The team is looking really good,” junior Mark Huckaby said. “We have a lot of freshmen, but my boy J Beeth (senior Jack Beetham) will definitely get them in shape.”

Another leader on the team, senior Shaun Robinson provides a good example of the hard work and dedication it takes to make the team.

“I’ve basically been dancing since I could walk,” Robinson said. “Good looks can take you pretty far in the world of dance.”

This dedication tends to result in feelings of superiority over their female counterparts.

“We tend to make Lancer Dancers look pretty weak,” Robinson said. “This is the one time a year we try to tone it down though, because technically it is their showcase.”

Though they have a brutal regimen of practice once or twice a week, the Mancers are not fazed by their tiring workouts.

“Because  we are so good looking, we don’t practice as much as the Lancer Dancers,” Huckaby said. “When you are a Mancer you are always ready for competition, no matter what.”

The  showcase has four shows Dec. 13-15 and is sure to be a hoot, so if you enjoy flexible men in great costumes performing phenomenal feats of skill, make sure to check it out.