Anthony Castelli begins career in music management


Anthony Castelli (right) and Dave Stewart (left) work together on Dave’s album, Storyline.

John Hankforth, staff writer

Junior Anthony Castelli produced an album independently from his at home studio for artist and fellow junior Dave Stewart. This operation began when the two, originally neighbors, developed a friendship and made arrangements to collaborate on Stewart’s new album.

“I used to record with a professional studio, but they kept taking advantage of me and were way too expensive,” said Stewart.

Conveniently, Castelli’s house ]had a built-in recording studio left behind by the past tenants, so he picked up the software necessary and the two were ready to begin recording.

“He finished his song with the other studio and then I edited it for him,” Castelli said.

This experience taught Stewart that he did not need to go to through a major business, but could work at home with a peer instead. Castelli’s talent became apparent after the first track.

“When editing you have to be perfect; otherwise, it sounds [bad],” Castelli said. “We got it to sound perfect.”

Although Castelli’s original intent was just to help a friend record a few tracks, the two worked so well together that they decided to complete an entire album after the first track. Stewart and Castelli agree that the results were fantastic and that they should continue to work with each other .

“With this fresh in people’s minds, we’re going to do more and more,” Castelli said. “We have gathered the momentum necessary to push Stewart’s career further.”

However, Castelli and Stewart’s ambitions go beyond this first album on iTunes. The two plan to record a few additional songs for Christmas to have their next album together before the summer of 2013.

“Primarily, I plan on working with Dave. As time goes by, however, I hope to get more and more people and gather more experience with music,” Castelli said.

Castelli plans on using his time and experience with Stewart to help prepare him for a future career in the music industry.

“I love this. No matter what I do in life, I want music to be a part of it and in my future,” Castelli said.