Prom causes stress for CHS boys

Prom causes stress for CHS boys

With prom approaching, guys must find the most creative way to ask their date.

Jack Beetham, editor-in-chief

Prom, short for promenade, is a high school dance held at the end of the school year. But for some, the event is much more than just a dance. The dance holds a prominent spot in American history and has grown into a societal norm.

The dance, for many young men, brings many challenges. From finding a date, to picking an outfit, to worrying about dance moves, prom can cause anxiety and stress for the timid and shy high school boys across the country. The obstacles they face are but trifles in comparison to conjuring up ideas to ask a fair maiden to go to the dance with him.

“The most important part of the prom dance is how you ask a girl to go with you, not even going to the dance itself,” junior Jacob Evans said.

Because of the high expectations from the female population, the ways of asking a girl to prom turn emotions of excitement into anxiety.

“At first I was lost, I had no ideas and I was scared that my girlfriend would be dissatisfied with how I asked her,” junior Justin Evans said .

The pressure of prom dwells upon the shoulders of the men in high school. As the event grows closer, young men must scour the internet for creative ideas and ways to ask their sweetheart to prom. The process can sometimes be overwhelming and the anxiety, too much to handle.

“I knew I wanted to do it in a creative way, but I just don’t know how,” junior Marshall Daines said. “I didn’t know what would be enough”.

Many students wonder what is the correct way to ask a girl to prom. There is no correct way! How you ask a girl has a major factor in the success rate of obtaining a date, but if sufficient effort is put in with a little heart, you should be fine.

“I asked my girlfriend to prom by having my teammates and me hold up signs saying ‘Summer will you go to prom with me’ after a lacrosse game” Justin Evans said. “She loved it and I think the best advice I can give to other guys is to just put some brainstorming and time into it.”