Spotify supports music industry


Jack Beetham, editor-in-chief

Usually one would look to the extensive library of the critically acclaimed media player,  iTunes, to find music, but lately students have been resorting to other websites and applications to fulfill their jamming needs. Spotify, a new company and music distributor, has made a break onto the scene. This new application provides both free and a subscription based services similar to that of Netflix.

“I like Spotify because it is free. It is helpful with choosing music. It opens it up the music industry and helps me discover new bands. I think its a good way to find new and older music that I like,” sophomore Adam Faringhy said.

In the past, many companies have failed in comparison to the “almighty” iTunes. Until recently, its extensive library of songs has ruled over all other companies and prevented any from rising up. New companies like Grooveshark and Spotify are using similar techniques to attract more consumers.

“Grooveshark and Spotify provide a service which is so unique. I do prefer it over iTunes but many of the features on iTunes are more advanced and better but the subscription based website for music is a great idea and I cannot pass it up,” Faringhy said.

Unlike iTunes, Spotify uses a subscription based program which gives the buyer unlimited downloads of songs and playlists for a month, also including a store of free apps and wireless mobile synching. These new features give them a step up in the competition.

“I like Spotify. It’s a good way to discover new music. You can see what your friends are listening to and it’s good because I’m a musician and it makes sure artists receive income,” senior Hayden Webb said.

A lot of controversy has come through the illegal downloading of music. Musicians like Hayden disapprove of this because of its negative affects on the industry. With programs such as Spotify, which respect both the buyer and the artist, the company makes sure to provide fair policy to anyone involved: making sure the money goes to the musicians who deserve it.

“I prefer to have my music on my phone but it’s convenient, to have it on your phone but I like to have the music on my computer as well,” Webb said. “From a musicians standpoint I understand music is expensive. The goal for a musician is for massive amounts of people to hear their music and this is a good way to do that.”