CHS implements new changes for the upcoming year


BY the end of the school year the lot in front of the 2000 and 3000 building will become the student and staff parking lot.

Linea Stern, Staff Writer

Next year, CHS will have many new changes and transform into an entirely different campus. Students will see changes with the parking, student to teacher ratio and possibly the bell schedule.

Students will no longer have to get to school at the crack of dawn to find parking because CHS will finally have a new parking lot. In order to get the privilege of parking here next year, students must take a Smart Start class with their parents.

“The new Smart start program reminds students of the responsibilities of driving,” assistant principal Tom Bloomquist said.  “Students need to be reminded that driving is a privilege.”

The new parking lot will reduce tardies next year as there will be no excuse to come to class late. Students will be able to show up to school after seven and not have to walk a few blocks. The lot will also come in good use for other occasions.

“Our new parking lot has about 420 spots including staff,” Bloomquist said. ” It will be nice to park in the parking lot when going to an event such as the ASL show or the dance show.”

Many rumors have been spreading around campus that the bell schedule will change drastically next year.   The bell schedule committee may make a few tweaks but no huge changes are expected. Block schedule and open campus for lunch will continue. Open campus may end once Sage Creek High School opens but nothing is set in stone.

“As of right now there are going to be no radical changes next year.  We are just looking at options,” Bloomquist said. “Instead of early release Thursdays, we may have late start Mondays or Fridays.”

Due to budget cuts the student teacher ratio will increase tremendously. Next year there will be thirty eight students for every teacher. Teachers will have more tests, essays and homework to grade making it harder to interact with students.

“With so many students in one classroom it is going to be hard for teachers to have a personal connection with students,” Bloomquist said.

Students should look forward to all of the variations of CHS and enjoy the new and improved campus next year.