Five tips for a successful second semester

Tilly Rudolph, Lancer Express Staff Writer

Congratulations, freshmen! You have officially completed and (hopefully) successfully passed your first high school finals. And seniors: just one more semester to go! As the calendar days quickly begin to approach closer and closer to June 14, the temptation to blow off and forget about second semester seems too easy. But do not be deceived – four more months of school still remain. There is much one can accomplish in four months, so keep these five things in mind as we start second semester:

1. Learn, learn and learn some more

Don’t forget the main reason we come to school five days a week, seven hours a day: to learn! Taking the time to pay attention in class, do your homework and study hard is extremely important, especially second semester. Colleges find improvement, no matter how small, from first semester to second semester a sign of good work ethics and persistence.

2.  Check out a sport

Spring sports offer a variety of opportunity for both girls and boys.  Teams include: Boys Tennis, Boys Golf, Boys Volleyball, Baseball, Softball, Swimming and Diving, Track, and Lacrosse. Don’t be afraid to check out one of these sports. Who knows? You could end up discovering your new passion.

“Being involved in a sport is a great opportunity to make new friends as well as a good relief from all the stress of school work,” senior Kendal Madden said. “Plus, it keeps you in shape for summer.”

3. Get involved in the arts

The Drama department will be presenting The Phantom of the Opera will be showing in the Carlsbad Cultural Arts Center in early May. So, instead of sitting around during your free time, why not try out for a musical?

“Being in the spring musical is like being in a professional show,” senior Jamen Nanthakumar said. “I’ve learned a lot about music and acting from doing these shows. Also, to have a chance to sing with our amazing orchestra is unbelievable.”

But if singing and dancing is not for you, there are plenty of other opportunities for you to still be involved in the spring musical; including playing in the orchestra, or being a part of costume, set and design, technical, or props crew.

4. Join a club

It is never too late to join a new club. The school offers a multitude of clubs which should be sure to cover one of your interests. Be sure to watch CHSTV and check School Loop for club meeting dates and locations.

“The best part about being in a club is meeting people with similar interests as you – making new friends and talking about your favorite things all at once,” junior Dane Brody said. “Being in a club looks great on college applications and the overall experience is very memorable and leaves a lasting impression.”

5. Give back to your community

Don’t keep all the gifts and talents you have been given to yourself: remember to give back to your community through community service. There are many opportunities for this which can be discovered through local churches or the guidance office. Check School Loop news for available service or volunteer opportunities. Also, clubs on campus such as Stand Up for Kids, Beta Club and more offer community service opportunities as well.