How to stay healthy during the holiday season

Christmas desserts galore

Christmas desserts galore

Linea Stern, Staff Writer

The holiday season has officially started; Cookies, chocolate, candy canes, and gingerbread houses everywhere I turn my head. I feel like I am committing some sort of sin if I do not overindulge in all of these sugary treats. Before I know it a few pounds, sneak up on me and I am spending the next few months trying to lose weight. This year I am determined not to gain a single pound and I have a few tips to give on how to stay healthy throughout Christmas.
1.Make working out a priority
Go to the gym. Unless you plan on eating ridiculously healthy I suggest you get some exercise. I understand that everyone has work, extracurricular activities, school and what not but there is ALWAYS time for the gym. At the beginning of the week, decide on at least two days that week to exercise. Plan a workout with friends to make exercising more enjoyable.
2.Watch portion sizes
You can have some junk food, just do not overeat. I am guilty of wanting to eat everything in sight but I have learned how to pick and choose. At holiday parties, pick out your favorite cookie or treat and only have two or three. If you eat over five, you have gone too far and will gain 1,000,000 pounds. Just kidding, but seriously keep the sweets to a minimum.
3. Eat healthy snacks
With all of the delicious snacks lying around at home I instantly turn to an unhealthy yet appetizing snack. Before I know it, I have consumed thousands of calories in sugary treats. Holiday treats are loaded with sugar and have no nutritional value. Try other healthy snacks with protein such as apples with peanut butter and yogurt and granola. Then, after dinner, you can reward yourself with a holiday cookie.
4. Try new recipes
Go to Eating Well to find delicious and healthy holiday meals.

5. Motivate yourself
Never tell yourself, “Oh I will eat everything I want today and just diet tomorrow.” Believe me, that never works. EVER. Keep a healthy mindset going and do not give up. Remember eating healthy equals feeling healthy.

I wish the best of luck to you to stay healthy during this holiday season. During holiday parties , Christmas and New Years remember my tips to avoid gaining weight. Happy Holidays!