How to have fun for free

Not all fun has to cost money

Not all fun has to cost money

Linea Stern, Staff Writer

With all of the amazing entertainment this world has to offer, it almost seems impossible not to spend every last penny of a hard-earned paycheck. However, college creeps up very fast and many students have to pay part of their tuition with their own money.

“I am expected to pay for most of my tuition with my own money so I have two jobs,” senior Aurora Foster said. “Half of my paycheck always goes in my savings account.”

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on expensive items, find something fun and free to do.

“I am so busy with cheer and school to have a job,” junior Savanna Bernabeo said. “I always try to avoid spending money.”

Take a break from the crazy world of reality and explore nature by taking a hike. Escondido Falls, Calevera Mountain and Lake Poway offer beautiful scenery and adventurous trails.

“I love to hike because it is free, beautiful and good for the soul,” senior Ian Du said.

Many teenagers spend most of their money on food which adds up. Try easy recipes that will save money and benefit health. Go to Smucker’s website to find easy recipes that taste delicious.

“I love to cook because I want to major in nutrition,” Foster said. “I save a lot of money on food by cooking at home.”

Take advantage of the beautiful weather in Southern California and organize a friendly basketball game with a group of friends. Most local parks such as Calavera and Poinsettia have basketball courts.

“I love to play tennis, basketball and soccer with my friends,” Du said. “It is a great way to bond with my friends.”

Have a fun filled family night by playing board games. Each person in the family picks a game and the night and enjoy a pleasant night filled with endless amounts of fun.

“I play board game with my family all the time,” Du said. “It is good quality family time.”

Explore education in another view by going to museums. All of the museums in Balboa Park have free admission on Tuesdays on a rotating schedule. From dinosaurs to art museums balboa park has something for everybody.

“I love going to art and cultural museums because I love learning about different cultures,” junior Emma Gumner said.

Before doing something super expensive try out these ideas before spending loads of money.

“I think it is really important to try and save money now because it will teach you good habits for the future,” Bernabeo said.