New Girl brings quirky laughs to audience


Jess and Winston watch as roommate Nick plays video games in Fox’s new hit comedy New Girl.

Bryanna Mundy, Editor-in-chief

The hysterical new Fox show, “New Girl,” starring Zooey Deschanel, premiered on Oct. 20 and is already wildly popular among teens.

The story line, which features a woman living with three male friends, sounds unoriginal and vague, but the awkward humor from the characters is surprisingly funny and realistic, becoming the backbone of the show.

Jess’s new roommates, Nick, played by Jake Johnson; Schmidt, played by Max Greenfield; and Winston, played by Lamorne Morris, are all equally awkward, but are learning what it is like to live with their quirky new friend, Jess.

Jess has a refreshing humor that is different than most typical comedy sitcoms. Described as “adorkable” by many bloggers, Jess is the exaggerated, quirky friend with whom everyone can relate.

Unlike most TV humor, though, Jess says (or often sings) every awkward thought; thoughts most people wouldn’t dare to say out loud. With an outgoing character similar to her character’s, Deschanel is believable and hysterical to watch.

The two lead characters both recently experienced broken hearts. Just like Jess, Nick is still getting over his ex. His obvious lack of romance is entertaining as he tries to improve his self-esteem. Johnson has embraced the best parts of his character making Nick seem real to the audience.

As the other two men in the apartment, Winston and Schmidt’s  friendship seems forced and random because of the conflicting personalities. Despite the weird chemistry, though, both actors still have their funny moments.

“New Girl” reminds the audience that awkward situations are not the end of the world. Like Jess and the guys, the audience learns that taking something away from a bad or awkward situations is the best way to move on and sometimes it is ok to laugh at yourself.