Demi Lovato’s new album races up the charts

Demi Lovatos new album races up the charts

Linea Stern, Staff Writer

Talented and inspirational Disney star Demi Lovato released her third studio album “Unbroken” Sept. 20.  Within one hour of its release, it hit number one hours on the iTunes chart. She sings with a strong passion about her life, allowing fans to have a special connection to her through the music.

The first four songs on the track “All Night Long,” “You’re My Only Shorty,” “Who’s That Boy” and “Together” create a fun and party vibe and make the perfect playlist for long car rides.

The fifth track “Lightweight” tells the story of a sensitive girl who has trouble with every mean word and piece of criticism somebody says. Many insecure girls can relate to this and know that Lovato deals with the same problems.

The album’s title track,“Unbroken,” tells fans to forget about their broken hearts, move on and just live life to the fullest. This song sends an inspiring message not to let the past affect the future. Lovato brings out her punk side to this song giving the song a rocking edge. This song sounds different from most of her other songs but the change in music works.

In the seventh track “ Hold Up,” Lovato reveals the truth about love. She refers to love as a weapon and she needs to avoid it. Even though she has many great songs on the album this song has a basic meaning and she does not sing passionately.

The seventh track “Fix a heart” tells the message that once someone hurts you they will never change. The vulnerability in Lovato’s voice adds the perfect touch to the idea.

Lovato displays her confidence and pride in “Mistake” by telling a boy through a song that he made the biggest mistake breaking up with her. Her tone is angry and listeners will feel her pain which makes the song strong.

The tenth track, “Give Your Heart a Break,” is about the fear of getting into a relationship and getting hurt. The lyrics are catchy and represents the perfect song to listen to after a rough breakup.

Lovato’s popular single “Skycraper” reveals Lovato’s reaction to harsh criticism. She believes critics want to tear her down like a Skyscraper. Lovato recorded this song before rehab causing her to have many emotional breakdowns. The final outcome of the song turned out beautiful with a strong passion in Lovato’s voice.

Lovato is a motivating young star and a role model for so many individuals. She has gone through so much in the past year and her songs reflect her experiences. All of her songs send powerful messages that many people relate to and make her seem more like a teenage girl.