Energize your closet

Energize your closet

Take a second look at your closet to spice up a boring wardrobe.

Linea Stern, Staff Writer

Emotions of anger while trying on twenty different outfits describes a typical morning in a teenage girl’s life. Many teenage girls feel that they never have anything to wear even in a closet full of clothes.

“I always feel like I constantly have to buy new clothes because I feel like I never have anything to wear,” junior Julia Bradley said.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, use this article to remember simple fashion tricks to spice up your wardrobe.

First off make a list of the outfits that you wear and make sure not to repeat an outfit in a month time period. Post the list on your bulletin board as a constant reminder. Try picking out outfits the night before to avoid stress.

One day, wear a unique shirt with jeans and a cute pair of boots or heals. Then, try wearing a more casual shirt with a pair of tennis shoes. With jeans any shoes will go well with it. Make sure to wear all pairs of shoes with jeans.

“If I get bored with wearing jeans I just add a cute pair of boots to my outfit or a fun piece of jewelry to brighten my outfit,” senior Priya Purohit said.

One dress can create so many trendy outfits. On a cold day wear a dress with tights and boots. On a sunny day wear the dress with cute sandals. On another day try a blazer and ballet flats with the dress. Try to add a belt and a headband for a finishing touch.

“Belts are a great accessory to any outfit and they complete an outfit,” senior Sarah Osborn said. “If I wear a new belt with an old outfit I feel like it is new.”

Many girls feel obligated to wear only shorts with a plain t-shirt. That look is cute, but after a while the stress of having nothing to wear sets in. Every now and then go for a cowgirl look and pair boots and a flannel with the shirts. Another day wear a colorful cardigan and cute sandals and add a bright necklace to complete the outfit.

“I wear my shorts either formally or casually,” senior Amy Wysocki said. “One day I will wear a nice shirt and my favorite pair of sandals and another day I will wear vans and a comfy tee.

Now that you are informed how to mix and match many outfits remember to have class and do not give the teachers sass.

“Using simple fashion tricks such as wearing shoes and belts with other outfits makes my life so much easier,” senior Sarah Osborn said. ” I never feel like I am wearing my outfits too many times and I do not have to buy new clothes.”