Pose for the perfect prom pics

Megan Benner, Staff Writer

There are some pretty intense four letter words: love, luck, hope, hate and prom. Movies have built prom up to be one the most important experiences in a teenager’s life. Preparations leading to this magical day tend to follow a pattern but, when it is all over, pictures capture the real memories. Start scooping the perfect locations in Carlsbad for this years unforgettable prom pics.

“I want to look back on these pictures and remember all the fun I had getting ready for prom,” Junior Kristen Stanley said.

In the past, popular photo op locations are by the water. Luckily, here in Carlsbad we have both the beach and lagoon near by. The earth tones of sand and water easily match with the wide variety of colorful dresses and tuxes. The ocean view also serves as a representation of Carlsbad High’s typical teenage lifestyle, a perfect snap shot to preserve in the future.

Reaching out of Carlsbad, the Oceanside Pier could be a place to kill two birds with one stone both for pictures and a sit down dinner at Ruby’s Dinner.

If the beach is too boring for you here are some secret locations. The Flower Fields, The Bluffs (known as the cliffs), random brushy fields behind Aviara and the Sheraton hotel.

For last resorts, Carlsbad homes are pretty spectacular looking inside and out. Grass, flowers and pools are the traditional settings for pictures of all kinds. Nature typically makes all dresses pop. While you are already being traditional, do not forget to take “the stairway shot” to showcase off couples.

But to make sure your pictures are not disastrous, plan the location ahead of time. Confirm the directions to the photo destination with everyone in your group. Also talk around and see if other groups are also taking their pictures at the same location.

It is important to use prom pictures to capture your growing friendships. Be silly and crazy and take goofy photos with friends, not just dates.

“Because I grew up with these kids, this group picture could be the last one I have with all them before we go our separate ways,” Senior Natalie Calabreze said.