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News for the Carlsbad High School Community

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How to have an epic Spring break

The second after ski week ends, students start another countdown for the next break. When that bell rings, some students not going on vacations spend their week in complete boredom. Plan something fun and exciting every day to have a memorable Spring break.

Monday: Start the week off with some great exercise while having a great time. Take a hike with your friends up Calavera Mountain. Bring lots of food and water and have a picnic at the top. Once you reach the top, the view is breath taking.

“Hiking is so much fun. I used to hike up Calavera Mountain all the time,” Junior Caitlin Umphreyville said. “Hiking is something different to do which is nice and it will be pretty out during spring break.”

Tuesday: Take a trip to Balboa Park in San Diego and see some interesting museums. Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, Central Culture de la Raza, San Diego Modern Railroad Museum and San Diego Natural History Museum are free on Tuesdays. End the day shopping and eating at Horton Plaza.

“I love Balboa Park. It is the perfect place to spend a day there,” Umphreyville said. “Museums are a great place to learn new things and Balboa Park has a variety of museums. There is something for everyone.”

Wednesday: Go to San Diego and see a play. “Rafta” is playing at the Old Globe Theatre on April 6th. This British comedy examines what happens when a young couple must choose between money and marriage.

My family and I see plays in San Diego once or twice a month,” Senior Devon Pinto said. “I enjoy seeing entertaining plays and spending quality time with my family.”

Thursday: Take a day trip to LA and go to the Santa Monica Pier. After playing games and going on rides, head to the west side of the pier to hear some free music. The bands start playing at 11:00a.m. by the Marisol restaurant.

“I am going to the Santa Monica Pier,” Junior Rollo Luck said. “I love spending the day there with my friends and going on all of the fun rides.”

Friday: Clear your head before school restarts and have a movie day with friends. Have each friend bring a different type of movie and a different type of food. This way, there will be a variety of food and movies.

“I love having movie days with my friends after a long week,” Kuhn said. “It relaxes me from all of the stress of school.”

Overall, Spring break allows students to take a break from their stressed lives and have fun. Students need to try fun new things in order to have a mind blowing spring break.

“Plan something fun to do everyday and stay busy and you will have an unforgettable Spring break,” Sophomore Jared Marr said.

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  • A

    AngelFeb 13, 2012 at 11:42 am

    This had some great ideas. I like the variety! Excelent!

  • S

    Sarah RodriguezApr 14, 2011 at 11:19 am

    This website has so many tips and its really helpful. I love reading all of them! Keep up the good work and thank you guys!

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How to have an epic Spring break