Finding Autumn finds immediate success

Megan Foy, Editor In Chief

A high school band usually has a typical beginning: gather a bunch of buddies together, hang out and jam, pick a name and scrounge for friends to come to their gigs. Finding Autumn is atypical of this scenario; they won Battle of the Bands within their first three months together. Band members Gavin MacMahn, Chase Lonas and brothers Ritchie and Evan Angel have hit the ground running at a pace they hardly anticipated.

Lancer Link: How did Finding Autumn start?
Chase Lonas: We first performed in mid Novemeber 2010. Gavin and Evan already played together a lot and then eventually Gavin and I started writing everyday after school together. We all knew each other so it came together pretty fast.

LL: What would you say is your biggest strengths are as a band?
CL: Gavin is a prodigy. He writes really original music and that gives us our own sound unlike other bands. Plus, we have individually really proficient musicians. We’re all good at what we do so we have the freedom to play whatever we want because we all have the same skills to do so. Gavin comes from a percussion background so he writes our music in percussion terms.

Gavin MacMahn:  We all come from different musical backgrounds so we mix really well together. We also have a similar goal in mind and share the same aspirations and work ethic. We sing together all the time and we aren’t afraid to tell each other if we don’t like something. We’re not overly sensitive.

LL: What sets your band apart?
CL: Our music has more depth than most high school or immature bands. Plus Gavin is a musical genius.

GM: We just blend.

LL: What were your expectations going into Battle of the Bands?
CL: We knew we had a pretty good chance, but we were also impressed with the other bands. They had improved a lot and we started to doubt ourselves especially when the crowd loved other bands and had huge followings.

GM: At first we thought we thought we would do well but our first two things went horribly so the environment at Battle of the Bands, like the competition setting, made us play our best.

LL: So what was your reaction to winning?
CL: We were psyched! Plus, we weren’t sure if the judges were looking for technical stuff but we don’t press that side because we play pop-y stuff. And, naturally, pop-y stuff doesn’t have a technical side because its easy to play. So it came as a surprise even though we came into the competition confident. We were really excited for the radio and studio time.

GM: I didn’t feel that good about the performance because I never do so I was surprised to win. I thought that the judges would pick the bands that played the fastest and the ones who fit the most notes in. Above the honor of winning, we are all just really excited for the studio time.

LL: So what’s next for Finding Autumn?
CL: Epicenter, Friday 18th. And we have to sell tickets fast. We’re excited for studio time and then be on the radio. And, then, be rockstars.

GM: We’re looking forward to more gigs in San Diego and expanding our fan base. We have a lot of unfinished songs so we have a lot to offer.

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