Sneaky ways to exercise

Linea Stern, Staff Writer

Between jobs, clubs and loads of homework the last thing teenagers want to do in their spare time is exercise. Exercise is very important in order to live a healthy lifestyle. There are many simple and easy ways to exercise without realizing it.
On your way to school, park a little farther away from school than necessary. This forces your body to do a little extra walking each day. Walking a little each day will reduce risk for breast cancer and diabetes and will  improve heart health.

“Every morning my mom drops me off at school a little farther away than shes needs to,” Sophomore Dorothy Kimble said. “This forces me to do a little extra walking every day.

After doing long hours of homework, teenagers often turn to Facebook for a break. Sitting on the computer actually will make returning to homework harder. Instead, turn up the music and dance for a few minutes. This will refresh your brain and burn a few calories.
On weekday nights teenagers enjoy tuning into their favorite shows. During the commercials many teenagers get bored and just eat. Instead, do a few sit ups and jumping jacks. Overall, that leads to about fifteen minutes of a great core workout without wasting time. This way of working out just falls right into your daily schedule.
“I always get bored during commercials,”Junior Brenda Elenas said. ” To entertain myself I do crunches and jumping jacks.”

Many teenagers lack a sufficient night’s sleep. If possible, try to get a full eight hours of sleep. The average person burns seven hundred calories in eight hours of sleeping. Getting a good nights sleep reduces stress and reduces the chances of depression.

Whenever people go to a restaurant or a mall with an elevator they usually choose the elevator because it seems easier. While the elevator seems relaxing, the stairs present a good workout opportunity. The stairs only take about five extra minutes and will add a little more cardio to your day. Next time you have the choice between the stairs and an elevator take the stairs.

Ever spend hours on the phone or Facebook talking to your friend? Instead talk to them personally by taking a relaxing walk or hike and talk at the same time. It will not even seem like exercising.
“I go on walks with my dad to talk and catch up,” Junior Mckenzie Kuhn said.
In order to maintain a healthy life filled with exercise remember these simple tricks to add activity into your day.