Making the most out of community service

Linea Stern, Staff Writer

Many colleges expect prospective students to complete one-hundred to two-hundred hours of community service, but when most high school students hear the word community service the thought ‘such a pain’ comes to their minds. However, there are simple ways to find fun community service that completes all of the required hours.

“Last summer,I volunteered at Junior Lifeguards,” Sophomore Dulcie Manhenton said . “ It was really fun. All of my friends volunteered with me.  It was very laid back, and I enjoyed doing it.”

Many students choose to volunteer at Junior lifeguards which completes seventy-five hours in just three weeks.This proves an easy, quick and fun way to earn many hours.

“I had a lot of fun volunteering at Junior Lifeguards. I got to meet a lot of new people,” Sophomore Jennifer Maihn said. “ We helped younger children with swimming and played games with them.  This was more fun than the other places where I volunteered.”

Finding the right community service will prepare students for future jobs. Most lifeguards volunteer at Junior lifeguards first. Students interested  in the medical field volunteer at the hospital. College records look good when a student volunteers somewhere which helps them pursue their future career.

Other ways to find community service involve finding something interesting and entertaining.  Junior Heather Lane gives manicures and pedicures to the elderly. She has done this for five months and loves sharing a connection with the women.

“I love bonding with the elderly. I like to hear their stories,” Lane said. “I have a very special bond with the women. They are so cute and nice.”

Carlsbad High offers many opportunities to complete community service hours including many community service based clubs. Interact Club and Key Club offer many ways to do community service. Listen to the announcements to find community service opportunities right here.

“I’m starting a club called gran friends,” Lane said. “We will be thinking of ways do community service with the elderly.”

Doing community service can really benefit students when they love doing it. If you need community service find something that you love to do and follow through with it. Look places up, talk to friends or go to local churches and something fun will show up.

“If you want to find community service find something you like being around, look up places online,” said Lane. “ I love what I do. I would do it even if I didn’t get community service.”