Fast food for thought: a student’s guide to eating on the go

Deciding where to go to lunch shouldn’t be anywhere near as hard as making major life decisions, but it can sometimes feel that way to Carlsbad High School students. Buying a satisfying meal, eating it and then making it back to school before the lunch hour ends may seem like a rather daunting task, but the following critiques and comments from CHS students aim to help with that decision.

Just the thought of double-doubles, chocolate milkshakes and animal-style fries can set the stomachs of hungry students into fits of involuntary growls. The quality food served two exits away from the high school is even reasonably priced for a teen budget. But there’s a catch. Most afternoons, pulling up to this fast food establishment will only result in disappointment because the drive-thru line most likely wraps around the building. With the walk-in line just as bad, students can expect to be late coming back to school. Venture in and out of this place at your own risk.

“I love In-N-Out’s 4×4 burger. It’s awesome, juicy and tastes good,” Junior Daniel Guzman said.

You should try: A grilled cheese sandwich.
One of the few items on In-N-Out’s secret menu. It’s basically just a burger without the meat but is the best grilled cheese you’ll ever have, guaranteed.

Jamba Juice
Dieters, vegetarians and health nuts rejoice! With the addition of wholesome oatmeal and flat bread to the Jamba Juice menu, the popular smoothie joint now offers a delicious, nutritious and well-rounded meal. With both locations (one off Carlsbad Village Dr. and the other in the Barnes and Noble shopping center) considerably close, students can choose to eat inside or take their food to go with more than enough time to get back to school. Plus, that free energy boost in your sixteen-ounce Pomegrante Paradise should keep you awake through your last period.

“I like Jamba Juice’s Razzmatazz because it’s good and good for you,” Junior Kaitlyn Jenkins said.

You should avoid: the Peanut Butter Moo’d.
A tasty peanut butter, chocolate and banana smoothie seems healthy enough when considering that it comes from Jamba Juice. But 840 calories for an original size? This has the highest calorie count for smoothies in any size.

The high quality meats and veggies along with delicious, freshly baked bread, make Submarina sandwiches slightly more appetizing than the ones found in a brown paper bag and the prices reflect this. Although the prices aren’t too unreasonable, students save money by making the same type of sandwich in a home kitchen. Also, the store’s location off Carlsbad Village Drive attracts quite a crowd during the hour lunch period so think about what to order before hand (most don’t) and the line might move a little faster.

“In my opinion, Submarina is better than Subway. The people there are better about listening to what you want. If I ask for a little bit of mayonnaise, they actually put a little bit. Plus, they add way more veggies,” Junior Hannah Moore said.

You should try: an Albacore Tuna Sub
Change up your usual sandwich and choose tuna over lunch meat. After all, its said that fish is brain food and high school students could use all the help they can get.

This mexican food restuarant located in the Barnes and Noble shopping center also uses an assembly line food production method. However, the burritos, tacos, salads and other mexican classics are a delicious change of pace from your everyday lunch. Chipotle is quickly becoming a favorite spot for lunch outings among many of students and with good reason. Unlike other popular mexican food places around Carlsbad like Cessy’s and Alejandro’s, the food made here contains mostly organic ingredients and offers vegetarian options. This excellent restaurant produces good food, timely service and concerns about health.

“Chipotle just isn’t like other fast food places. And I’ve heard it’s pretty healthy for fast food place,” Senior Jourdan Lau said.

You should avoid: a whole bunch of extra toppings
Chipotle is health conscious but keep in mind that it’s still fast food, which means there are a lot of calories. Cut down on this by avoiding things like extra sour cream, salsa, guacamole or cheese.

Overall, there are many places easily accessible during the lunch hour that are both delicious and health conscious. But don’t let the health conscious appearance deceive you. All of these places are still fast food places. Just remember to watch your calories and pick the healthiest option.