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  • CUSD schools closed 3/16-4/10
  • Spring break moved to 4/6-10
  • All school events, extracurriculars and sports cancelled indefinitely
  • County bans gatherings of 250+ people, begins social distancing
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First pep rally pumps up CHS

Shelby Rowe, Editor in Chief

September 9, 2010

It’s C-BAD time it’s C-BAD time! What! What!” roared the cheerleaders as they pumped up the crowd for the first pep rally of the season. But this wasn’t any plain pep rally; this was the first Alarm Clock Pep Rally of...

Students enter new world of video chatting

Amanda Matteson, Editor in Chief

June 13, 2010

With a working web cam and the click of button, teens now have the entire world at their fingertips, the virtual world anyway. With websites like Skype, Chat Roulette and iChat, people everywhere are signing on to chat with...

Simple Ways to Prevent Stress

Andrea Abbott, staff writer

June 13, 2010

With finals coming up for freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and graduation for seniors, the end of the school year can cause many students to feel stressed. Although stress may help students focus on important priorities, it can...

Classes at 24 hour fitness show a new approach to fitness

Linea Stern, Staff Writer

June 13, 2010

When most people think of going to the gym and working out, treadmills and lifting weights come to mind. Local gym 24 hour fitness offers a variety of fun group fitness classes. Classes include Turbo kick, Everlast Shadow Box,...

Fast food for thought: a student’s guide to eating on the go

May 11, 2010

Deciding where to go to lunch shouldn’t be anywhere near as hard as making major life decisions, but it can sometimes feel that way to Carlsbad High School students. Buying a satisfying meal, eating it and then making it back...

Man Hunt Sweeps Across San Diego

Shelby Rowe, Editor in Chief

May 11, 2010

Every month, local high school students scramble over fences, sneak through backyards and prowl for prisoners of war. A game of the fittest erupted into a universal experience that crowns one person as the winner. This game te...

Facing the Crossroads: alternative education finds success

Megan Foy, Assistant Editor

April 10, 2010

Some schools get students into top universities, others create an environment focused on the arts.  Rarely do students come across a school that does not feel like school. Carlsbad students only know what they are familiar with,...

The Young and the Jobless

Shelby Rowe, Editor in Chief

April 10, 2010

In a recent survey, 1,200 seventeen year- old high school students were asked basic questions about American history to determine teen knowledge of American government. One third of these high school students did not know that th...

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