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White noise in black injustice

White noise in black injustice

Alex Brown, editor in chief
September 13, 2017
Rick Caruso addresses the community at St.Patricks church on Jan.21 on a heated debate about Prop A. The debate was an attempt to show both sides of the proposition to Carlsbad.

Caruso’s modest proposal

socrates kanetakis, Podcast Editor
February 16, 2016
5 ways to improve your ACT score

5 ways to improve your ACT score

Angie Perry, Staff Writer
November 2, 2015
Jennifer Lawrence facing off against food deprived white girl.

Teenage forever

Bennett Lane, Writer
January 27, 2014


Zak Jones, Section Editor
December 18, 2013
Kanye Adam is given life by Kanye God

POINT: Music needs Kanye West

Max Chacon, Opinion Editor
November 23, 2013
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