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John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City Music Hall

John Mulaney's new comedy special on Netflix is a laugh out loud time!

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Netflix produces hundreds of comedy specials a year, though the anticipation for John Mulaney’s new comedy special Kid Gorgeous had started since the second his last comedy special The Comeback Kid ended. Mulaney’s special came after a string of tours that sold out in almost every city he went to. This special was held at a sold out Radio Music Hall in New York City. Critics are applauding the comedian’s third and quite possibly his best Netflix special to date. Mulaney’s intricate storytelling mixed with his careful humor makes this special worth watching.    

Mulaney’s comedy special journeys throughout Mulaney’s adult life, highlighting his childhood memories of going to school assemblies and talking about weird memories with his father. His humors take on current politics while also sharing stories of his time as a writer for the comedy show SNL. In Mulaney’s time writing for the show, he had the opportunity to work with many celebrities, one of his favorites being Mick Jagger. He humorously talks about the current political situation, in such a way that takes serious talent to maneuver and not turn his audience away in that moment.  

Kid Gorgeous at Radio City Music Hall is a laugh out loud type of comedy. Rotten Tomatoes gives this special a 100% which it deserves entirely. The satirical humor combined with excellent storytelling makes an amazing hour long special. The only downside is exactly that: the special is only an hour long. It passes by so quickly, it feels that Mulaney could have put more material into the special to extend it. He also is not a performer that suitable for all audiences. His humor contains cursing and stories that are not suitable for the family.    

Mulaney’s performance was one that we haven’t seen from him in a long time. His last special was three years ago, but this special felt fresh. He indulges the audience and puts them into his childhood memories, making us feel like we lived with Mulaney through these events. For Mulaney, this special was extremely important to him; he had to top his last special The Comeback Kid which is at an 85% on Rotten Tomatoes. Mulaney’s new special is a must see if you are not only into stand up comedy but just comedy in general. If you want to have a laugh all you have to do is load up this special on Netflix.

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John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City Music Hall