It’s no “Secret” Mary Lambert’s new song is a hit


Mary Lambert’s newest cd, Heart On my Sleeve includes a hit and catchy single, “Secrets”. Lambert encourages listeners to embrace their secrets and be content.

Mady Christian, Writer

Bipolar disorder, dysfunctional families, being overweight, putting up with common quirks: all of these subjects normally kept hidden are brought to life by Mary Lambert in her surprisingly catchy song “Secrets”.

In her new song, Lambert encourages her listeners to display their secrets and become content with them as she confidently sings about her own. This message has not been lost amongst teens, as many feel inspired by her lyrics.

“Lyrics that people can relate to rather than lyrics from the typical famous person are much more powerful,” senior and choir member Hannah Allen said. “People rarely can relate to a song about clubbing and being overwhelmingly rich.”

As teens become increasingly aware of Lambert’s new song, it has slowly made its way up the Billboard Top 100 charts, reaching the 66th spot on the coveted list as of October 30th.

“I think exceptional lyrics and a catchy chorus can make a hit song,” Allen said. “That is why pop artists like Mary Lambert and Taylor Swift have so much success.”

In “Secrets,” Lambert achieves what many singers cannot. She finds a way to relate issues commonly found amongst teens and young adults by including them in a catchy song. Also, Lambert’s accompanying music video proved a success.

“Everyone looks for a music video that they can temporarily feel an escape from reality as they watch it,” Allen said. “It’s also important to find creative ways to incorporate important lyrics of the song within it.”

Lambert does just that; her happy-go-lucky music video takes place in a decorated loft space as she and her back-up dancers embrace their flaws and convey an overall feeling of happiness throughout the video. Lambert’s video provides its viewers with just the right combination of reality and escape.

“After hearing the song so often on the radio lately, I’m confident in the fact that she’ll receive increasing popularity as the song continues to grow,” Allen said. “She has an exceptional voice and the lyrics definitely exceed the norm.”