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  • Prom 5/18
  • Film festival 5/14
  • Senior dinner 5/28
  • Choral Pop Show 5/31-6/1
  • Last Early Release 6/3

Buying a Senior Ad

Here in the CHS yearbook room we love celebrating seniors!

What Are Senior Ads?

Senior ads (the last 60 pages or so of the yearbook) are a great way to celebrate all the hard work your student has put into the last 13 years of school and congratulate them on a job well done.

Due Date and Cost

Ads are currently on sale until Nov. 19 and prices start as low as $50.  All ads have space for pictures and dedications.

2018-2019 Prices:

1/8 page- $50

1/4 page- $100

1/2 page- $200

Full page- $300

How Do I Make My Ad?

All ads must be created online through our ad creation site.  You can access the site here.

You will need to enter our school access code which is 16404.  Once you confirm that you are accessing Carlsbad High School’s site, you will reach the sale page.

Follow the link that says Buy a Yearbook Ad and follow the steps to start creating your ad. Underneath the buy your ad link is a video tutorial link and here are additional detailed directions to help you out.  


Where can I get some help if I can’t figure out the ad site?  The first thing to try is to switch to Chrome.  It seems to work the best with the program.  If you still can’t get it to work, there is a great tech support line to help you.  Give Herff Jones a call at 866-287-3096.

Can you save me a space? Unfortunately, due to restrictions from the plant, we can’t save spots in the yearbook for ads. We can only guarantee you an ad spot in the yearbook if you complete, pay for, and submit your ad digitally by Nov. 15. Additionally, you cannot pay for your ad before it is complete.  All ads must be completed by Nov. 15.

What if I missed the deadline? After Nov. 15, we will sell ads on a first come-first served basis IF any space is still available as we cannot change our page count with the printer after Nov. 15. We cannot guarantee there will be any ad space available to purchase after Nov. 15.

Can I design my own layout? Yes, you can!  Design your page on your choice or programs and save it as a jpeg.  Then follow the directions to create your ad and upload your own design as a photo.  Select the layout in your selected size that looks like one big photo box and drop your design into the box.  Please email if you need the dimensions.


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Buying a Senior Ad