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Twelve seniors athletes signed for college

Megan Foy

Megan Foy, Editor In Chief

Last Wednesday, February 2nd, twelve student-athletes signed with the colleges of their choice. From womens soccer to mens lacrosse, these accomplished players will be the dotting the nation as they venture off to play at the collegiate level.

Most of these students have anxiously awaited for this day to come for months now. Monica Dornick knew she would be swimming at UCLA since mid-November while Spencer Harden found out at the end of October that SDSU wanted her on their womens lacrosse team. However these athletes had their eyes on these schools for much longer.

“I was really attracted to University of Michigan because of the coach,” Water Polo Player Beth Williams said. “But also all of the opportunities they had and the equipment they provide for the athletic department.”

Brown-bound Rebecca Zak, who like Williams is also playing water polo for her school, agrees that athletic departments include perks for athletes. These perks come at a price, though, the price of hard work and perseverance.

“If people want to play, then they train harder,” Kirsten Miller said, a soon to be soccer player for CSU Fullerton.

Carlsbad’s womens soccer team specifically has a track record of signing their players. There must be something in the sideline’s water jug or in their work ethic.

“We are really persistent with our training,” Savannah Berry said. “It comes from the work we put in year round with club [soccer].”

With so many students signing to prestigious and competitive colleges, the class of 2011’s future looked bright. There was a buzz of energy and excitement as parents snapped pictures of the dozen students wearing college insignia with pride.

The head of the athletic department, Chris Green, expressed how proud he was the athletes’ dedication.

“This is a tremendous opportunity from hard work and perseverance, but also from the parents,” Green said. “They wouldn’t be here without you. [The parents’] commitment started probably at five as they drove you all to practices and games. And who knows, maybe you’ll be in our Carlsbad Hall of Fame down the road.”

Carlsbad’s 2011 Signed athletes are:

Armani Aburto- Colgate University
Jason Floyd- Harvard University

Water Polo
Elizabeth Williams- University of Michigan
Rebecca Zak- Brown University

Monica Dornick- UCLA

Women’s Soccer
Savannah Berry- University of Florida
Alexia Cameau – Hawaii Pacific University
Kirsten Miller – CSU-Fullerton

Women’s Lacrosse
Spencer Harden- SDSU

Men’s Lacrosse
Mark Beyer- Wagner College
Kendall Strahl – Wagner College

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